7 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Rooster In Your Flock

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Rooster In Your Flock

Jun 10, 2024angelique van zuylen

If you own your own flock of hens you might be wondering if it's a good idea to add a rooster to the group?

The answer will likely depend on a few key factors.

Do you want fresh eggs for breakfast? Your hens will handle that just fine on their own—no rooster required.

Does your town or city permit them? Not all neighbor's are enthusiastic about the idea of frequent crowing and some towns or neighborhoods may have rules and regulations regarding keeping roosters. 

On the other hand there are plenty of reasons why it might be useful to keep a rooster. Besides their quirky personalities and charming good looks a pet rooster doubles as a handy “watch bird." They are quick to alert you when something changes in your yard. They're also entertaining to watch. Roosters will settle squabbles between hens, present them with gifts and perform the occasional dance. Of course if you'd like to raise chickens yourself you need to have a rooster around.

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