Brown Shavers

Brown Shavers

Dec 21, 2022Chook Manor


Brown Shavers are reliable egg machines and a very common breed in commercial free range egg production. They have great characters and can make great pets for children to look after. 

The Shaver Brown is a highly efficient and balanced brown egg layer. It has been specifically bred to produce a large volume of high quality brown eggs with strong shells and good internal quality. The Shaver Brown has a low feed intake combined with a high peak production and great laying persistency.


Brown Shavers can live for 6 to 8 years…. but egg production drops off each year.
After the first year egg production will drop around 30% and by the time they are into their third season of lay they could be laying half the number of eggs they laid in the first season.
Brown shavers need good, quality peak layer hen pellets, as well as supplemental fresh food. peak layer pellets contain an important and balanced mix of vitamins and minerals your chickens need to produce eggs and stay healthy and grow well.
Brown shavers do molt. But unlike other birds that do not usually lay through their molt, brown shavers can partially molt and lay sporadically through their molt. Both tasks of course require heaps of protein so neither task is done well!

brown shavers are often described as peaceful and quiet. They are a pleasant breed that is also quite tough.

There are as many different personalities as there are hens with Brown Shaver. That’s why some Brown Shaver owners describe their Shaver as pleasant, calm, or tender, while others describe them as flighty, dominating, or rough. 

Careful handling from a young age increases the likelihood of producing a calm adult chicken which are great pets and wonderful around children. On the other hand, Brown Shavers have been known to reject the introduction of new chickens into the flock.

They are known as hungry foragers. They thrive when raised in a confined-range or part-time ranging environment. Despite their explorer-like character, they can adapt well to confinement. Because Brown Shavers like spreading their wings and flying, they will attempt to scale even the highest barriers.


Brown Shaver chickens are easy to grow and do not pose a significant health risk. Health issues they might encounter are similar to those of other chicken breeds.

The most important thing is to ensure that they have plenty of food to eat. They have larger food consumption than the other breeds because of their ability to produce so many eggs. Feed them a good layer pellet and mealworm treats, as well as fresh and raw fruits and vegetables on occasion. 


eggs laid by Brown Shaver Hens are huge and brown. This chicken breed could be a fantastic choice for your little farm if you’re seeking a good breed.

Brown Shaver chickens have been specifically bred to lay commercial eggs. As a result, the Brown Shaver hen is known superb layer, laying between 280 and 300 big brown-shelled eggs per year and occasionally even more. Brown Shavers are noted for being durable in both cold and hot climes. They lay all year, even in the winter. Unlike other breeds, which begin producing their first eggs at 22 weeks of age, Brown Shaver hens start laying around 18 or 20 weeks of age.



The Brown Shaver chicken is a low-maintenance, high-beneficial chicken. This bird is an excellent addition to any coop, whether you’re looking for a substantial meat bird or want a regularly productive egg layer.

Avoid feeding raw foods like beans, potatoes, rice, chocolate, garlic  apricots, and citrus fruits if you want to feed your Brown Shavers with leftovers. You should also avoid giving them foods with high salt and fat content. 

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