How to Clip Your Chickens Wings (Flight Feathers)

How to Clip Your Chickens Wings (Flight Feathers)

Apr 18, 2024angelique van zuylen

When should you Clip chicken wings?

Sometimes it is necessary to trim your chicken wings so they cant fly. weather it be a cheeky chook that doesn't understand boundaries or you have a chook that is constantly trying to escape your yard or coop, it is a harmless and simple procedure.

Why (Not) to clip Feathers.

We think it is best to leave the chicken’s wings alone unless there’s a problem, such as getting out of the pen, or flying into the neighbor’s garden. That’s because flying is the bird’s only defense. It can attempt to fly away from a predator, and depriving it of this ability is a health hazard. 

When to Clip?

If you decide it has to be done, then it’s important to wait until the bird can fly pretty well.  Brief flights develop young bird’s muscles, coordination, and balance; so it is best to wait until a bird can fly short distances. If you want to maintain the clipped wings, then it needs to be done annually, after the bird molts and the new feathers have grown back.
What to Clip?
Some people recommend clipping only one wing which leaves the bird unbalanced and unable to fly straight. This seems harsh, we recommend clipping both wings so the chicken can’t fly but is still balanced. What you really do when “clipping the wings” is trim about a third off the tips of the primary flight feathers. To help identify the primary flight feathers.
How to Clip.
To clip the feathers, you need a sturdy pair of scissors. Also, I wouldn’t do this without help. You need one person to hold the chicken, while the other person extends the bird’s wing and trims. Just extend the wing out fully from the bird, and trim that first row of feathers. It’s better to take too little than too much, and you should never be cutting a feather shaft that has blood in it (it will appear pinkish).
please watch video tutorial on link below :)

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