Smite Organic DE Powder

Smite Organic DE Powder

Nov 24, 2022Chook Manor

Diatomaceous Earth. 100% Natural, fresh water, food grade DE. For use in your coop to prevent red mite infestations. Note: If Red Mite are already an issue in your coop, use Smite Professional, eliminate Mite infestation and use Smite Organic afterwards to prevent re-infestation.

THE ULTIMATE "ORGANIC" Insect control!

Diatomaceous Earth or better known simply as DE - Smite Organic is a 100% Fresh Water, (not saltwater) Food Grade DE powder.

  • 100% natural organic product! 
  • Safe to use anywhere you can think of where insects are an issue
  • No egg, meat, or food withholding periods.
  • EPA/HSNO Approved product.

To Use: Apply DE to all the internal corners, joins, perches & nest boxes - the mite will crawl through the dust to get to the hens at night. The powder damages the mites protective shell causing it to slowly dehydrate & die.

IS IT SAFE - This product is perfectly safe to use not just in animals housing, but can be used with all birds, cats, dogs you name it - for the control of lice, fleas etc. in housing & bedding. The same goes for most crawling insects, ants & cockroaches fleas & flies anywhere you can think of bed bugs, carpets, on your precious vegetable garden, etc.  As with any powder do not breathe it in and use a mask.

WHAT IS DE - Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae that is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that's easily crumbled into powder form. The powder has an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder & is very light due to its high porosity.

Ideal for use in:

  • Home or office for flea, fly, cockroach & ant control.
  • On your vegetables for aphid & caterpillar control wont harm earth worms.
  • On the farm, wherever animals & pets are present, dog kennels, in chicken coops - great for residual mite control in poultry housing!
  • Poultry - RED MITE hide in the darkest nooks & crannies, crevasses, perches & nesting areas in your chooks housing - Coming out at night to suck the blood from your poultry.
  • Residual insect control that works & keeps on working for months after use.

Diatomaceous Earth will not harm mammals or your avian friends.  Safe to use dry with dust mask and eye protection. Do not breathe powder.  Avoid the eyes as DE will dry them out and be uncomfortable.
Areas that may benefit from drying out, such as hot spots and irritable areas can be dried with a light application of DE. 



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