What Size Leg Rings do I need? Poultry Leg Ring Guide.

What Size Leg Rings do I need? Poultry Leg Ring Guide.

May 16, 2024angelique van zuylen

Poultry leg rings are essential for managing a flock, allowing for easy identification and tracking of individual birds, or to just be able to tell the difference between your child's favorite hens. In this blog we will explore the various sizes and how to select the appropriate size for different poultry.

Selecting the Right Size.

Selecting the correct size of poultry leg ring is crucial to ensure the well-being of the bird:

  1. Measure Leg Diameter: Use a caliper or similar tool to measure the diameter of the bird's leg to find the appropriate ring size.

  2. Consult Size Charts: Refer to official size charts from poultry organizations for guidance.

  3. Check for Free Movement: Rings should move freely on the leg but not slip over the foot or be too tight to cut off circulation.


The application of leg rings is a straightforward procedure that requires minimal equipment and can be performed at various stages of a bird's life, typically starting as early as two weeks old. It is important, however, to ensure that these leg rings are fitted correctly. They should not be too tight to cut circulation and cause injury nor too loose to fall off. This balancing act ensures the chicken's safety and comfort.

Health and Safety Considerations

When using leg rings for poultry, it's crucial to monitor the birds for any signs of injury and to maintain proper hygiene of the leg rings to prevent potential health issues.

Size Chart

6mm Poultry Leg Rings- Suitable for budgies, and other small birds.

8mm Poultry Leg Rings- Small leg rings suitable for smaller Quail and juvenile pheasant (Will need to be swapped for large rings once 12 weeks old onward).

12mm Poultry Leg Rings - Best for bantams, pheasants and pigeons.

16mm Poultry Leg Rings- The most popular size and choice for light to medium breeds such as Brown Shaver, Araucana, Leghorn, Minorca, Wyandotte etc.

18mm Poultry Leg Rings - For larger sized breeds such as Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Orpington etc.  Not suitable for large breed roosters.

20mm Poultry Leg Rings - Suitable for Large / Heavy breed Chooks and Ducks - Ideal for large roosters such as Orpington etc.

25mm Poultry Leg Rings- Suitable for Large and Heavy Breed Chooks & Ducks - Ideal for large roosters, Geese & Turkey.

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