Chook Manor

Scaly Leg Oil 2 Litre


Natural and Gentle Scaly Leg Oil is a blend of vegetable and fish oils, biotin, Vitamin E, Sulphur with garlic to help heal.

Natural ingredients:

  • Leg Oil is a special blend of vegetable & fish oils.
  • Natural ingredients also include Garlic, Biotin, Vitamin E & Sulphur.
  • Also suitable as a comb & wattle dressing

Note: Not for oral consumption. For animal use only.

Leg Mites are different to Red Mites, they burrow underneath the scales of chicken legs and cause discomfort, irritation, inflammation. It will get worse if left untreated. 

With Leg Oil you will notice a difference within days, a second treatment will be of added value to break the breeding cycle. 

Also available in 5 Litres.