Chook Manor

Chick Brooder Pop Up Large 10-20 chicks


The Chick Pen Pop-Up Brooder! We have tested this enclosure to solve the most common issues for those of you who raise baby chicks.

Our pop up brooder is fully enclosable to keep chicks safe from mischievous hands and paws.

No more jailbreaks. After two to three weeks, chicks are often able to escape traditional brooders, and you can guess what happens then: poop (so much poop!) where you don't want it, and the possibility for chicks to be injured or worse.

  • Dimensions/Size: Panel size: 58cm (H) x 38cm (W), Diameter: 94cm
  • Material: Oxford fabric   
  • Product weight: 1.3kg

No more mess. While we encourage you to put down a layer of plastic under your brooder *just in case*, or to place it on a waterproof surface, our extensive testing has shown this brooder to be waterproof. You won't have to worry about water spills, or about bedding being kicked all over the place.

No corners for chicks to get trapped in. Corners are no bueno when it comes to raising chicks! They huddle when frightened, and tragedy can sometimes befall the ones stuck in the corner. Our octagon design ensures their safety.

No more waste. You can use this brooder year after year, hatch after hatch. 

Cleaning and storage: Wipe down the brooder with damp paper towels and allow it to completely dry before folding up for storage to avoid mildew and mold. Once dry simply collapse and fold into storage bag.