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ChickenGuard Pro Coop Door Opener and Door Combo


ChickenGuard Pro Coop Door Opener and Coop Door Combo

Combo includes

  • ChickenGuard Pro Coop Door Opener
  • ChickenGuard Self Locking Door Kit

Our two best selling products together for an incredible combo to protect your chickens year round. ChickenGuard Pro opener provides automatic open and close features for your chicken pop hole door, whilst the the Self Locking Door is the ultimate deterrent to predators.

ChickenGuard Pro Coop Door Opener - The worlds best automatic chicken coop door opener!

Best-selling automatic Chicken Pop Hole Opener just got a serious upgrade! Alongside our smart timed open and closing function there is also added an automatic set up wizard which gets you going in no time.

ChickenGuard’s controllers not only improve the safety of your girls but also make your life that little bit easier!

Predators be gone - Your chickens will be safe as secure as your coop door will be kept firmly shut overnight!

More snoozes - less stress -  Set the timer or use light sensor to auto open and shut - meaning more sleep for you.

Reliable against elements - One of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market

This Pro controller is packed with all the features of the premium & extreme ranges but now in one place.

  • Weatherproof - works in the most extra conditions down to -20 degrees
  • Setup wizard - the first time setup wizard will have you ChickenGuard ready to go in no time
  • Battery/DC Power - Powered by batteries (4 x AA alkaline) or mains (DC 9-12 volts)
  • Dual Safety - Allows you set an open and close time OR at daybreak and dusk (whichever is first)
  • Comes complete with 3 year warranty
  • Full installation instructions included

ChickenGuard self-locking door

Our unique self-locking door has been designed to prevent predators from raising the coop door & accessing your flock.

Measurements of door
L -30cm

  • Self-locking wings - The unique self-locking wings have been designed to prevent predators from raising the coop door
  • Predator Deterrent - An added layer of security which prevents pesky predators clawing their way in
  • Tough - Tough and durable door protects against the elements
  • Compatible - With all ChickenGuard units or similar devices (except AIO)
  • Comes complete with full 3 year warranty