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How To Care For Your Poultry Volume 2


New Zealand Lifestyle Block "How to Care for Your Poultry" Volume 2. Volume 1 is also available.

A whole new generation, from small farm owners to city gardeners, are discovering the fun of owning poultry, and are needing to learn how to best care for the egg and meat producers plus the family pets in their backyard hen houses. Written by poultry veteran Sue Clarke and Lifestyle Block editor Nadene Hall, How to Care for Your Poultry "Volumes 1 & 2" are a must-have for anyone interested in practical poultry keeping. 

NZ Lifestyle Block magazine has been running its very successful poultry column since 2006, these guides brings together everything the poultry owner needs to know on how to manage their birds, from coop design to feeding to breeding, culling to processing. Bringing all of your unanswered questions all together in the two magazines. If you were lucky enough to own the first edition, you will be sure to enjoy this second edition with all new articles and information.

Great gift idea for poultry owners and fantastic if you are just starting your poultry journey.