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No Crow Rooster Collar 2 Pack


No crow collar for roosters is one of the most controversial products used by chicken raisers.

A “no crow collar” is a popular neck-belt-like product that is used to reduce and stop Rooster’s crow. It is mainly made up of nylon

Usually, roosters use their reserved air from air sacs to expel it forcefully for crowing. Using a no-crow rooster collar limits the force of the air and reduces the crowing noise.

No noise rooster collar, anti-hook noise-free neckband, and nylon neck belts for roosters are some of the names that are used for the No crow collar.

Yes, It is safe to use. There are no problems with the rooster’s daily activities if you use an anti-crow collar. 

After using a no crow collar, they can quickly eat, breathe, dust bath, mate, and do all their physical activities. Always remember to remove any obstructive item from the coop and run that may snag.

1. 100% new and high quality
2. Material: Nylon