Chook Manor

AviAqua 8L Drinker + 3 drinking cups


Fresh and clean drinking water is vital for poultry. And that is exactly what the AviAqua guarantees. 

Do you have a drinker with open water? If so, the water undoubtedly becomes contaminated and there is high throughput. The AviAqua prevents this! This drinker has the option to add a float so you have endless water supply with a header tank. In addition, you can choose from three drinking systems: the drinking cup, the drinking nipple and the swing cup. This product is the AviAqua with drinking cups.

The advantages of the AviAqua
- Always fresh and clean drinking water
- Water supply of 8 liters
- 3 different drinking spots
- Wall mounting system included

Plenty of space thanks to AviAqua
The special shape of the AviAqua allows chickens to drink in three different places. This provides more space for the animals and better access to the water. The AviAqua has a lid that slants forward, preventing poultry from sitting on the bowl. Thanks to the coloring of the drinker, almost no light reaches the water, minimizing algae growth.

Including mounting system
The AviAqua comes standard with a mounting system for the wall. This allows you to hang the drinker at the height that best suits the size of your animals.

Complete complete with installation instructions.