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Drink-o-Matic 12L Poultry Hanging Bucket Drinker with Nipples


Drink-o-Matic 12 Litre Top Filling Hanging Poultry Bucket Drinker set.
High quality, Heavy duty, UV proof construction imported from Holland.

1 x Bucket Drinker is designed to service around 10 adult hens (e.g. 6 x hens x 12 Litres of water = 4 days supply approximately).

Are you always struggling to keep your chooks water clean and healthy? Do you want clean disease free water on demand for your birds - Our drinking bucket with nipples is the solution!

Many drinking systems use open and exposed water, but the water is often quickly fowled (pun intended).

What are the advantages of this new innovative drinking system?

Your poultry touch the nipples which then immediately drops clean, healthy and hygienic water directly into their beak.
The bucket has three high quality drinking nipples with filters.
The filters ensure that the nipples cannot be clogged with dirt and will not leak or drip, keeping the area clean and dry.
You will not have to change the water every day, saving you a lot of time!
The sturdy handle and top lid makes topping up a simple chore, even the kids can cope.
The drinking bucket has a capacity of 12 litres and is a complete system with three nipples and filters, supplied with hanging cord, hook and suspension set.
Poultry should drink with a straight neck, with the included suspension set you can easily adjust the height.