Chook Manor

Chicken Feeder 3kg with Handle & Cover


Holds approximately 3kg of mash, grain or pellets.

(Also available in 1kg, 6kg & 10kg sizes).

Fantastic for the small backyard flock or larger brooder, holds enough tucker for several adult chooks for a couple of days.

Contains built in anti scratch bars to avoid unwanted feed wastage.

Built in carry handle which doubles as a hanger to lift off the ground if required.

Handy cover keeps food dry and stops chooks squatting on top of the feeder and soiling their feed.

Removable base for easy cleaning, makes these feeders super hygienic & simple to maintain, no nuts and washers, just a simple bayonet clip design.

Made from high quality UV treated Poly Prop for long life.

High Quality product, Imported from Europe.