Agrivite Nutri-Peck Hard Poultry Pecking Block 5kg

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Agrivite Nutri-Peck Hard Poultry Pecking Block 5kg

A high quality, compact mineral block developed to promote the natural behaviour of poultry and satisfy the natural pecking behaviour of all species of poultry.

• Provides important minerals to support the bird and enhance shell quality

• Dense block to ensure longevity, but retains high interest from birds

• Prevents feather pecking and boredom

• Promotes natural beak wear

• Reduces stress

• Promotes activity and the natural behaviour of poultry

• Improves welfare of animal

• Individually wrapped for increased bio-security

This 5kg blocks is designed for Broilers, Game and smaller flock sizes of Egg Layers / Breeders

Chicken & Game: One Block per 1000 bird

Wall mounted holder for this block available here

Note also available in 10kg extra hard block

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