Chook Manor

Topflite Bedding Straw 1.2kg


When you need quality New Zealand grown bedding straw look no further than the big size and great value of this 1.2kg bag.

This superior barley straw, grown in NZ and carefully packaged in Oamaru, is the natural choice when it comes to keeping your animals friends clean, dry and cosy.

1: 100% natural barley straw.

2: Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla and chickens.

3: Grown in New Zealand.

4: Packed in 1.2kg compressed 12L bags that expand to 60L when opened.

How to use bedding straw: This product is intended for use as bedding only. Use
generously, especially in the colder months, to keep your herbivore clean, dry and
warm. Remember to remove any soiled hay and replace with fresh straw daily.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight (for the straw… you should definitely get some).