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Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 1200 Chick Brooder


The NEW Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 1200 Chick Brooder is the efficient and safe way to keeping newly hatched poultry, game and waterfowl warm.

Suitable for max ± 30 to 35 day old chicks.

The low voltage heater panel warms the chicks directly by contact. The radiant heat is far more economical than a conventional infrared lamp, using about 5% of the electricity of a 250 watt suspended lamp, which is important when heating for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact with the EcoGlow Safety 1200 is a more natural way of raising chicks than a heat lamp. It avoids the stress of being under light both day and night, this helps the chicks adjust to the natural light changes of night and day which improves weight gain and feather growth.

The metal heater plate of the EcoGlow Safety 1200 improves heat radiation and evenness of temperature under the brooder as metal is a much better conductor of heat. The lower contact temperature and the easy height adjustment means that chicks can be 'contact brooded' (like the mother hen) for maximum comfort and lowest wasted energy.

  • - The flared 'skirt' around the heater retains more heat, improving efficiency and reducing energy use.
    -  The EcoGlow Safety 1200 has easy height adjustment for a wide range of chick sizes and its tough plastic and metal construction makes it durable and easy to clean.
    -  Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 220mm (Excluding adjustable legs).
    -  Maximum power consumption: 18 watts
    - Supplied with a 240v NZ mains adapter incorporating a 3 metre lead, simply plug in and go - no extra accessories, plugs or cords required.
    FREE 3 year guarantee when registered online.

Also available are re-usable covers. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product is for indoor use only and the room temperature should not drop below 10° C (50° F). The EcoGlow should be located in an area free from draughts and chicks should be provided with plenty of bedding.

Product code: HD602A