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Brinsea OvaScope Only No Lamp


This product is for use with the Brinsea OvaView or OvaView High Intensity Candling Lamp.

The OvaView Candling Lamp slots into the bottom of the OvaScope. There is then a compartment for you to put the egg to be candled. The unit then closes again, holding the egg inside.  You then view the egg through the eye piece.

The OvaView cuts out ambient light and slightly magnifies the image of the egg, giving you a far clearer view of what isgoing on.  The egg can be rotated from outside the OvaView to view the egg from a range of angles.

The OvaView can even be attached to a small camera or some computer webcams so you can record the image of the egg and developing embryo particularly useful for schools etc.

If you dont already own an OvaScope, and would like to purchase both the OvaScope and OvaView, check out the Combo pack here