Button Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer

Button Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer

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Measuring Relative Humidity and temperature during incubation makes this a great value piece of equipment.

Useful in the brooding room or where your incubator doesn't measure these variables for you already.

The large display is ideal for reading from distance & through a clear incubator lid, where you can actually prop it up amongst the eggs for a readout of the conditions they are experiencing.

Displays readings for Relative Humidity in steps of 1% and temperature in 0.1 degrees. 

Accurate to +/- 3% RH and +/- 1 degree C. Measures from 20% to 99% RH and from 0 to 50 degrees C.

Dimensions 50mm x 40mm makes this little unit perfect to sit within set eggs within the incubator.

Replacement batteries available here

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