Chook Manor

Chicken Harness with lead Black



Adjustable and Easy to Wear:  Adjust the size to your needs to make sure your chickens are comfortable. You will not worry that the chicken will get off harness when walking the chicken down the street.

Ultra Resilent Cloth: Made of durable, breathable and reinforced cloth, this pet leash and harness set can stand everyday wear and tear. Let chickens' skin breathe.

Fashionable Design: Cute prints with glod wings. With this chicken cloth to train your hen rooster in style and even take the chicken for a walk. Surprise any passerby with your chicken on a leash.

Training Walking Leash: Facilitate training and chicken walking. Take your feathered pets for a walk. Take them outdoors. Keep your chicks by your side, safe and secure. It’s that easy.

1 Set Chicken Harness with Leash