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Chicken Saddle Leopard


Restore Feather Growth

Protect the hen from aggressive rooster nails during the mating season, pecking on the back leads to molting. Provide relief and protection for pecking hens and back during moulting season. Heal the peck wound and restore feather growth.

Light and Firm: The pure cotton canvas fabric is light and firm, and the strap has good elasticity and has enough space for expansion and contraction, so that it will not harm your poultry when wearing it.

Keep Warm: While protecting the feathers, the hen can also keep warm in the cool season.

V-shaped Design: V-shaped design, not easy to slip. The area of the back wound can be covered to promote healing and feather regrowth.

Size: free size: about 18*19.5cm/7.09*7.68in
Suitable for: bantam chicken or standard chicken