Chook Manor

ChickenGuard All-In-One Coop Door Opener


The new All-in-One ChickenGuard Coop Door Opener!

Quality UK Made product.

Simply pop in the batteries, screw the unit to the front of your coop and your girls will be safely kept inside when the sun goes down, and let out when it rises, No strings – no worries!

Every little detail has been thought of from the ability to remove the control panel to the uber-durable alluminium anti-scratch door threshold. This All In One has been built to last.

Predators be gone - Dogs and possums will have to go elsewhere as your coop doors will be firmly shut and secured overnight!

More snoozes - less stress - Set the timer or use light sensor to auto open and shut - meaning more sleep for you

Reliable against the elements - One of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market


Auto stop- Built in auto-stop feature prevents chickens being trapped in the door. Our clever sensor allows chickens to enter and exit the coop without risk of getting stuck.

Dual Safety - Allows you to set an open and close time or at daybreak and dusk (whichever is first)

Easy set up- Three easy steps for set up. 

  1. Insert Batteries
  2. Screw to Coop
  3. Auto-calibrate Door

Weatherproof - Extreme weather resistant.

Warranty- Comes with 3 year warranty

Anti Scratch- Comes with Alliminium Anti scratch door that stops your flock accidentally damaging and wearing down the door over time.

Light Sensor - Opens at dawn, closes at dusk