Chook Manor

Chicks Choice starter Crumble 10kg


A complete feed formula for pullet chicks being reared for table egg production.

Features and Benefits:

  • High protein and energy levels designed to ensure a strong growth rate and feather development.
  • Contains the essential minerals and vitamins to satisfy the requirements of that stage.
  • Medicated feed: This feed contains a coccidiostat as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Feeding recommendations:
Feed ad-lib as a sole diet to pullet chicks from hatching to eight weeks of age. Then change to Weston Poultry Grower until point of lay.  Clean, fresh water is to be available at all times.

Feed Analysis:
Crude Protein   19% min
Fibre                    6% max
Fat                       6% max
Salt                      2% max

Selected from - wheat, barley, triticale, wheat by-products, soya meal, peas, lupins, meat & bone, blood meal, lime, tallow.  Contains a coccidiostat, dicalcium phosphate, salt, vitamins and minerals.

  • This product contains a coccidiostat. Do not feed to dogs or horses. Must not be fed to ruminants; contains ruminants protein.
  • Do not feed to other bird species.