Chook Manor

Chick Starter Crumble 25kg


Game Crumble is a specially formulated feed with all of the essential nutrients of protein, energy, and minerals in readiness for healthy productive poultry of many breeds including Duck, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey and even Chickens including broilers.

  •  We recommended using this High Protein Starterfor all chicks, poults & ducklings etc. from day old through to slaughter.
  • Can also be used as a complete diet for quail from day one through to laying. (Fine grit is required for extra calcium for layers).
  • Important: if NOT intending to cull ducks and geese for eating, a change of diet is essential for all ducklings/goslings at approximately 5 weeks old, as this may cause angel wing (a feather fault in waterfowl caused from too much protein).  We recommend Chook Grow be fed from the age of 5 weeks onwards for Ducks & Geese or 8 weeks onwards for all other breeds up to point of lay. 

Westons Peak Layer is suitable for all game and waterfowl breeds from point of lay onwards.