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Coop 'n' Chook Care Package #3


Coop n Chook Care Package #3 

Save with our Coop n Chook Care Packages 

Care package includes:

  • 1 Litre Smite Professional Red Mite Coop Cleaner Spray Concentrate 
  • 1kg Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder Puffer Pack 
  • Smite Powder Applicator 
  • 500ml Agrivite Rescue Remedy 
  • 1 Litre Agrivite Poultry Drink 

Smite Professional will destroy any mite nests, adults, juvenile and even mite eggs on contact, clean and disinfect all in one application. Repeat weekly until full eradication of mite, after 2 to 3 weeks, then apply Smite Organic.

Smite Organic (DE powder) has multitudes of uses.  Used correctly in your hen house will reduce chances of red mite infestations in your poultry housing. Apply to joins, nooks, and crannies in your coop. Concentrating on framing, nest boxes and perch ends. Supplied in a very handy powder puffer pack.

Smite Powder Applicator helps make dusting as breeze.  Pop off the lid, fill the handle with DE Powder, replace top and shake.  Perfect for dusting the entire coop, your hens and livestock and great for use in the vege garden too. 

Agrivite Poultry Drink is a high energy mineral supplement that is rich in iron in a sweet tasting sorbitol base. Provides all round support for poultry but is especially recommended for birds to support during moulting or for any birds not looking in the peak of health. Great for use during breeding season. Easy to use, economical and can be added to the drinking water for the whole flock daily.

Agrivite Rescue Remedy is a liquid complementary feed designed to assist with the recovery after a bad injury or, of symptoms of coccidiosis. Perfect for use during/after a red mite attack with symptoms such as lethargy and anaemia. Red Mite Rescue Remedy contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, chelated trace elements, iron and key minerals. Use during and after a Red Mite Infestation or any health scare.