Electric Portable Feather Plucker Machine

High quality feather plucker, Made in Holland. Strip feathers off a 3 kg bird in less than 60 seconds with ease, capable of plucking approximately 50 to 60 birds an hour.

Sale price$1,195


Tried and tested by ourselves, this is the best plucker we have used.

Domestic wet plucking machine for Broilers, Hens, Ducks, Pheasants or similar birds in weight and characteristics.

  • 30 plucking fingers
  • 0.5 HP motor (220-240Volt)
  • Strong bodywork in stainless steel (1mm)
  • Stainless steel legs in a very strong structure!
  • Plucking fingers drum (PA+GF) situated at the opposite side of the engine
  • I/O magnetic switch + emergency switch for additional safety
  • Cable length 2.5mtr.

Manufactured by Olba, Holland

(Replacement fingers available separately find here).

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