Chook Manor

Heat Lamp Heavy Duty Large with Thermostat and Remote


Power saving model with remote-control, built-in thermostat and programable temperature settings.

The Heavy-Duty aluminium brooding lamp set is pre-fitted with a ceramic lamp holder for safety and the addition of a large heavy-duty alloy heat sink for extended lamp service life.

This model is fully remote controlled (supplied) to set temperature and forget, saving on both electricity costs and extending lamp service life.

The digital display shows set temp, actual temp and current wattage used. The lamp will automatically dim as the set temperature is achieved, thus not overheating your animals, and using less electricity.

The shade has a removable wire cage fitted for extra safety in case of accidental breakages of heat bulbs from flighty chicks (Reducing risk of fire).

Heavy duty heat lamp set includes a 300mm alloy lamp shade with wire safety cage, ceramic lamp holder encased in Heavy Duty Alloy heat-sink, 1 x remote + pre-wired with Thermostat, 2.5 metres of cord with plug + chain & hook for hanging.

Replacement Infra-red emitters or Ceramic heat emitters available separately.

(Please note: picture shows small shade as an example).