Chook Manor

Hotline 25m fence + Fire Drake 200 Solar Energizer + Volt tester Combo #8


Hotline Electric Fence Combo #8

1x Hotline 25m Fence Set
1x Fire Drake 200 Solar energizer 
1x Volt tester 

Hotline 25m Fence Set

25 metre green fence set complete with 15 posts, 13 ground pins, 4 corner guys + repair kit. Suitable for general use with poultry without energizer or can be electrified if required. Also suitable for other livestock when energized.

Fire Drake 200 Solar energizer

High power energiser with integrated, high capacity 24 watt solar panel. Many solar energisers are lower in power and/or utilise solar panels, which are inadequated to keep the battery charged. 

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Kv Volt Tester

10KV LED Tester Showing Voltage on 10 levels 1000-10,000


  • 1 x 10KV LED tester
  • 2 x batteries CR2016 3V

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