Chook Manor

Humane Poultry Culler


The device is a humane tool used for culling of chickens, it is screwed to a post and remains in place. It is cast aluminium, with a square-sections alloy handle.

The device is designed so that a right-handed person can hold a bird under their left arm, with the bird’s head in a cradle.

Birds settle in the device and become very docile. The level lowers a bar against the neck at the top of the spine near the bird’s head. The gap between the lower edge of the bar and the cradle surface is adjustable so that applying pressure, the birds neck is broken, instantly, with an immediate and, properly used, bloodless or almost bloodless death.

Humane and instant.

They are NZ designed and made. As a poultry keeping tool I think they are an indispensable solution to what many can’t face: providing a quick and humane death to birds for the table, culling or in need of euthanising.