Chook Manor

Infectious Coryza 50ml


Infectious Coryza Blend is a homeopathic blend that supports the immune response of a bird / chicken that is at risk of or suffering from infectious coryza.  Helps with prevention (good time to use over winter) and well as sickness.  Homeopathy assists the bodies natural immune response to disease, so over time your chickens become stronger and healthier and capable of fighting off disease and sickness. 

Ingredients: acon, Ars alb, Euph, Gels, Hepar, Merc viv, Verat alb

Handmade in NZ.  All remedies have a shelf life of 5 years.

We use pharmaceutical grade plastic bottles, so they won't break and tamper proof lids so they won't come off in the bike carrier box or when out and about on the farm.

How to use:

All Agripathics remedies come in liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer. 

You can treat birds individually or at flock level.


Homeopathic remedies are best administered on to a mucus membrane, so given straight into the mouth. 

Give 4 drops per bird 2-3 times weekly.

Flock Level

This is best done by putting into their water trough, so by putting 1 dropperful in their drinking water, means each time they drink, they are getting a dose.

How long will a bottle last:

Individual treatment: there are 375 single doses in a 100ml bottle

Flock treatment: at 1 dropperful rate there are 100 doses per bottle

If you just have a few birds with a small water container, 4-10 drops will be all that is needed.

All instructions on how much to use and duration are on the bottle.