Chook Manor

Heat Lamp InfraRed Twin Pack 175 Watt Par 32


High quality, genuine InterHeat InfraRed Heat Lamps are the professionals choice. These heat lamps are splash resistant, have a longer lamp life than a standard Par38 heat lamp.

If your preferred option is to have some light available, these high quality 175 watt tempered (hardened) glass InfraRed lamp is the best choice.

These are ideal for use with poultry, pigs, puppies, kids, and most farm animals pre-weaning age (these are NOT suitable for InfraRed Saunas).

InfraRed will still emit a gentle red glow which is proven to be less damaging to eyes than prolonged exposure to white light. This will also reduce the risks associated with restlessness still allowing growing chicks to rest without the interruption of a bright light.

Note: These heat lamps produce an intense heat, therefore it is important a good quality ceramic lamp holder is used at all times. 

Ideal for use in our range of Heat Lamp Shades.