Chook Manor

Animal Drinker Bowl Large Nylon 9 Litre Auto Fill


Very sturdy 9 Litre Nylon Plastic (UV Stable) Auto Fill Water Trough, suitable for full sized chooks (not chicks) and perfect for dogs, calves, goats etc. Comes complete with multi pressure float valve, stainless steel float cover Plus integral drain bung in base for easy cleaning.

Easily connected to a standard nylex style water coupling and will suit all pressures - perfectly suitable for mains and low-pressure water supply systems. Bowl can be mounted to a wall or post via the two mounting holes located on the back of the trough.

Inlet is 15mm - can be plumbed left hand side only. (1/2" BSP Female connection required).

Dimensions 400mm L x 330 mm W x 190 mm D

Replacement float valve assembly available. Also available in 5 litre.