Chook Manor

DAP Automatic Poultry or Chick Drinker Mini


A Top quality Automatic Poultry Drinker designed for constant use making this drinker one of the most versatile auto drinkers available on the market. 

  • Suitable for up to 50 full sized hens or 150 chicks if used in larger brooder / shed systems. Note: Drinker comes with a removable anti-drown ring for use with day old chicks.
  • Designed to sit directly on the ground or hanging. 
  • Comes complete with 3 metres of hose and shut off valve.
  • Overall size is 240mm diameter x 240mm height. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This unit is designed to run off low pressure water supply with a maximum working pressure of 0.2 to 0.5 bar (8 PSI Max). Totally suitable for a gravity feed supply.

(A mains to gravity supply conversion system tank will be available later 2018 or check out our mains pressure valves here to make your own homemade gravity supply system).