Chook Manor

Mini Cup Drinker with Elbow + Wingnut


These tidy little drinkers are a fantastic alternative from our larger auto-fill water drinker systems.

We recommend approx. 1 drinker per 2 to 3 chickens. (e.g. a flock of 6 hens will require approximately 2 to 3 lubing cups).

The drinker works on a similar principle to nipple drinkers, although is designed for use specifically for poultry and game (not rabbits or mischievous parrots that like to chew).

The device requires a low pressure gravity feed supply via a header tank, drum or bucket (no greater than 400mm of head). 

The elbow is designed to fit the drinker through a wired cage or meshed coop which is easy to install with the supplied locking nut. We also stock a range of fittings and special 10mm hose to adapt your drinker system to your coop or aviary.

Alternatively, the cups can be attached directly to any flat sided container.