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This laying nest offers your hens a comfortable and protected place to lay their eggs. Top quality product. Manufactured in Europe.

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(Green only)
This laying nest offers your hens a comfortable, private & protected place to lay their eggs.

The nest is principally made of high quality, shock resistant polypropylene and has the modern colours brown and lime green. Thanks to the material and its form, the nest is easy to clean. The height of the edge and the form of the nest assure that the hen cannot scrape the litter from the inside outwards.

A great feature of this laying nest is sufficient darkness inside thanks to its solid construction and privacy curtain, but also satisfactory ventilation with its vents on each side.

The entrance of the nest is provided with a solid little step with anti-slip structure in the form of a perch. This way your hens can access the nest easily. The upper side of the nest has a rounded form to prevent chooks from sitting on it.

The backside of the nest is open and therefore the mounting has to be done to a wall. With 4 screws through the pre-moulded mounting holes in the back, the nest can be fastened by anyone that can use a screwdriver.

The laying nest is delivered disassembled to save space during transport. With the aid of the detailed manual the assembly of the nest is as easy as a breeze.

Top quality product manufactured in Europe.

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