Chook Manor

Non Slip Hatching Mat 1.5m x 450mm 400gsm


Perfect for use in Mini, Maxi & Ovation incubators for hatching. Simply cut to size and this will make clean-up a breeze (**take care not to cover humidity troughs). Also suitable for use in brooders for the first couple of days after hatching.

Ever hatched chicks with splayed legs, then watched others slip and skid on slippery newspaper on the brooder floor, only for others to develop splayed legs as well? This rubberised PVC cloth matting provides a non-slip surface, easy to clean and wash in a bowl of detergent.

Multi use, although it will wear out eventually particularly if you dry it in the sun, but certainly isnt disposable if you look after it.

Sold by the roll, simply cut it down to size to suit your needs.

This is one of those products that you dont know you need until you've used it and then you'll never hatch without again!