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zOvaEasy Advance EX Series II Hatcher


OvaEasy Advance SII Hatcher is suitable for the following species (approximate capacities only).

Species Eggs Species Eggs

192 eggs

Duck 140 eggs
Phesant 224 eggs Partridge 224 eggs
Geese 72 eggs Quail 500 eggs
Turkey 140 eggs Macaw Not Rec


OvaEasy Advance EX Series II Hatcher

The OvaEasy Series II Hatcher is designed to complement the OvaEasy 580 Series II setter incubator to provide a high quality, high capacity multi-stage incubation system. However, the OvaEasy Series II Hatcher will also work with other incubators as setters including the smaller OvaEasy models.

The EX version is supplied complete with Humidity Pump for full humidity control.

All models in the new Series II range are fitted with Brinseas proven Advance digital control system which is both accurate and easy to use. Incubation temperature (in °C or °F) and humidity are continuously displayed along with temperature alarm and egg turning status. Additionally, the Series II models include room temperature alarms to warn if the environmental temperature goes outside the optimum range.

Performance and ease of use:

  • Multiple small fans blowing air in laminar flow around the egg chamber provide much better temperature distribution than a single, large fan. This approach, coupled with the high levels of insulation mean that temperature is extremely evenly distributed throughout the egg chamber, ensuring good hatch rates, time after time.
  • The convenient control panel allows the user to adjust the temperature, humidity (EX versions only), ventilation and turning easily. Temperature and humidity levels are shown on a calibrated digital display on the front of the panel.

Construction: durable and energy efficient
The OvaEasy models have fully protected steel chassis which are rigid and rust resistant with laminated high density polystyrene sides providing good thermal insulation and smooth, easy to clean surfaces. The transparent, double glazed door provides thermal insulation plus the convenience of total visibility of eggs and hatched chicks.

Egg handling:
Eggs are held in removable trays. As standard, the OvaEasy Series II Hatchers are supplied with a set of 4 hatching trays with removable covers to prevent the chicks escaping (see capacity table).

Why use a separate hatcher
Developing embryos need different conditions as they near hatching point which can be a problem if mixed with eggs at earlier stages of incubation. The specific requirements for eggs in the last 48 hours of incubation are:

  • Turning of the eggs should cease - mechanisms can damage emerging chicks.
  • Higher humidity levels are required than at earlier stages of incubation. High humidity reduces the chance of membranes drying and becoming tough as the chick hatches.

The other distinct advantage of separate hatchers is that the mess associated with hatching is kept away from the setter and the hatcher can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between hatches.

At no stage in this system are incubation conditions compromised.