Chook Manor

Oyster Shell Grit 5kg


Chook Manors Own Fine to Medium Graded Oyster Shell Grit.

Our grit has been washed & dried to remove any nasties - ready for your birds to help themselves when they want.

Why do Birds need Oyster Shell Grit - Oyster shell contains high levels of calcium which is important to a laying birds diet to ensure good quality eggshell production and muscle development.  Grit also aids in food digestion.

Birds such as Aviary birds and Poultry require grit, which when eaten, is held in the crop, in turn grinding whole grains, seeds or even kitchen scraps etc. making the digestion of their feed easier.  Therefore, better feed conversion to help meet nutritional needs. Along with the slow release of calcium into the birds system.

Oyster Shell Grit is essential for non-free ranging chooks that are unable to source their own grit from soils. Also essential for poultry on whole grain diets.

NOTE: Our grit is ideal for all Aviary birds and Poultry.  Supply grit in its own bowl or food container - do not mix in with their daily feed rations.  Birds will self-moderate the grit as required.

Available in 1.5kg, 3kg, 5kg and 15kg bags.