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Topflite Poultry Mash 5kg


Want better eggs? Get better mash! Not all poultry mash is created equally so choose one that is specifically formulated for superior egg production. Made with quality grains and protein, our mash keeps flocks happy, healthy, and laying eggs of good size and good quality.

 Our Poultry Mash provides laying hens with essential proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and additional vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to boost bird health and support egg production. It provides a balanced diet of energy, protein, and amino acids—essential requirements for good eggshell quality and bone strength.

  • Suitable for laying hens 18 weeks and older
  • Good source of protein, carbohydrate, and fats for better egg quality
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to support egg production.
  • Includes yolk colourant for golden yolks.

Feeding guide: Feed approximately 150gm of mash per bird per day. Ensure extra mash is available for grazing, along with fresh water. Add oyster shell grit and fresh green food scraps to enrich your chicken’s diet

barley, canola, copra, grassmeal, linseed, lysine, maize, oats, peas, wheat, vitamins & minerals

Protein 16%, Fibre 3%, Fat 1.5%
Also available in 10kg bags.