Egg Candler Power Lux

PowerLux Egg Candler (dual powered) Super bright LED cool light torch.

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The dual powered PowerLux candler works with either the supplied mains adapter complete with NZ Plug or battery pack (requires 3 x aa batteries). Both are provided with 2.5 m cord.  Latest Super Bright LED lamp technology (NO Heat Output) + magnifying lens.

This candler has been developed especially for hard to candle eggs, but equally suitable for general day to day use in candling eggs.

The light power output of this candler is huge! The light source is a high-powered LED, which, in combination with a special magnifying lens, produces a huge amount of light output.

The use of a LED is a very durable way of candling with incredibly long life and low heat output, therefore not damaging to developing embryos.

WARNING: please do NOT look into the lens as this causes a sight loss for a short period of time!

This candler comes with two rubber caps. One is meant for use in combination with small eggs such as quail and the other one for use in combination with larger eggs. The caps are easily interchangeable.

The rubber of the caps is flexible and therefore it ensures no light leakage during candling as it adapts to the shape of the egg.  This way the candling image is much clearer!

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