Chook Manor Ltd

Siphon Drinker 30L


30 litre Plastic Tripod Drinker, with blue tripod stand and white tank (30 litres is approx 6.5 gallons) for large flocks of 20+ birds.

Tripod Drinkers are great for larger flocks of poultry & game birds as the drinking saucer always stays filled from the tank above.

This easy to fill 30 litre drinker has a raised drinking saucer, which means there is less chance of contamination from the birds, therefore the drinking water will stay fresh.

The dome shape of the tank also means the birds can't perch on it and contaminate the water from above.

The outlet tube has a sliding valve that opens and closes the water outlet, this makes it a simple task when filling the tank. Some self assembly required.

Dimensions: 36cm dia. x 76cm high (14in x 30in H)