Chook Manor

SMITE Professional 20 Litre Concentrate Bulk Pack


Smite Professional Concentrate is an extremely powerful, low odour, disinfectant cleaner and degreaser which has proved itself to be an effective eliminator of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.  

The Dreaded RED MITE. If not sure whether you have a mite problem or not - please click here to find out more!

Removes build-ups of organic matter the habitat where red mite and other parasites thrive, efficiently dissolving the pests waxy coatings and deposits.

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Pleasant odour.
  • Incredibly economical only 3-6% dilution required (1 Litre makes up to 34 Litres of treatment).
  • Super-efficient degreaser and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive.
  • Suitable for all animal housing, not just chooks!
  • One product does it all Smite! Clean and Disinfect - saves time and money!
  • Clear, easy to follow instructions are included on each pack.

Also available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre Concentrate or handy 750ml Ready to Use spray.

(Note: Wholesale enquiries are welcomed).