TLC50 Zoologica II Brooder

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The popular TLC-50 Zoologica II Parrot Brooder/ICU/Recovery Incubator

Tough, efficient, easily cleaned and quick to set up, the new TLC-50 Zoologica II Parrot Brooder/ICU/Recovery Incubator is ideal for newly hatched exotic chicks and sick, injured or orphaned birds and mammals.


  • Accurate digital temperature control adjustable through an easy to use menu with display in °C or °F
  • High and low temperature alarms including the new room temperature alarm
  • Fully automatic humidity control in % RH (Relative Humidity) with integral humidity pump
  • Increased humidity range thanks to an improved door fit and an increased evaporating surface
  • Unique air filtration for removal of airborne bacteria and fungi from the chamber (filter replacements available)
  • Adjustable fresh air exchange through a door mounted vent
  • Variable fan speed for particularly stress-sensitive animals
  • Tough clear hinged door with secure catch
  • Switchable internal light
  • Biomaster™ anti-microbial plastic construction - robust and easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty subject to registration

Internal dimensions: 25" wide x 18" deep x 14" high.

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