Topflite Chick Starter Crumble 2kg

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Get your flock off to the best possible start with this quality no hassle, easy-to-eat crumble.

This premium feed crumble is made to a specific formulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat with added vitamins and minerals so your layer chicks aged between 0-8 weeks can have everything they need to stay happy and healthy.

  • An easy to feed, no-fuss crumble.
  • High in protein for maximum growth
  • Formulated for young layer chicks.
  • Perfect pecking nutrition

Ingredients: Wheat, bran, pollard, barley, maize, vegetable oil, fish meal, soya bean meal, peas, lucerne/grass meal, rice by-products, limestone, salt, dicalcium phosphate, methionine, lysine, vitamins and minerals

NB: Contains a registered anti-coccidial.

Protein 20% max, Fibre 5% max, Fat 4% max.

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