Top 4 Chicken Breeds For Beginners.

Top 4 Chicken Breeds For Beginners.

May 28, 2024angelique van zuylen

How to Prepare

Having your own flock can teach us more than just where eggs come from. Watching little chicks grow up into beautiful hens Laying their first egg can teach us and our children about responsibility and relationships with our food.

Creating a plan before you get your chickens is very important:

  • Selecting the right breed to suit your needs.
  • Determining how many chickens you want in your flock
  • How much space do you have?
  • Preparing the shelter for your chickens
  • Choosing the right complete balanced feed.
  • Climate - certain breeds handle the cold and heat differently
  • Temperament - some breeds of chickens are naturally more friendly than others.

There are a lot of people wondering "What are the best backyard Chicken breeds for beginners?" the modern homesteading movement is continuing to grow!

While its tempting to choose those "Fancy" chickens you see, they're probably not the best backyard chicken breed to start with.

Since you are going to ROCK at raising chickens, you need to know that there are some breeds of chickens that are naturally more hardy, more productive and more friendly than others. different breeds do better no matter what type of habitat they are given and this is an important factor if you live in the suburbs.

Top 4 Breeds For Beginners


  1. Rhode Island Red: 

The Rhode Island Red breed is a fantastic choice for new chicken keepers. Known for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, these birds consistently produce large, brown eggs. They are hardy, adaptable to various climates, and can thrive in both backyard setups and rural environments. Rhode Island Reds are also friendly, low-maintenance, and have a calm temperament, making them an ideal breed for beginners.

2. Barred Rocks:

Barred Rocks, also known as Plymouth Rocks, are another popular choice for beginner chicken keepers. These birds are not only excellent egg layers but also highly adaptable and resilient. They lay brown eggs consistently and are known for their friendly nature, making them suitable for families with children. Barred Rocks are also suitable for all climates. Also this breed can be white, The White Rock, which is pretty much the same breed, but I am partial to the barred color pattern.

3. Orpingtons:

Orpingtons are a gentle and docile breed that can be easily managed by beginners. These chickens come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, and buff. While they may not lay quite as many eggs as other breeds, but Orpingtons make up for it with their large, light brown eggs and their extremely friendly disposition. They maybe, as a whole, the friendliest breed out there. Their soft feathers also make them appealing to those seeking a visually attractive flock. Orpingtons are excellent foragers and can adapt well to both free-range and confined spaces.

4. Wyandotte

Wyandottes are another great dual-purpose breed that can be used for both meat production or egg production. The hens lay an average of 200 eggs a year. Their eggs are brown in color and medium in size. Wyandotte hens will occasionally go broody and make good mothers when they do brood.

Wyandottes can have a variety of temperaments, but  are considered a docile, friendly breed of chicken. When handled from a young age, Wyandottes can grow into curious and calm adults that don’t mind being picked up and handled. Their exotic coloring and calm disposition make them a popular choice for youth shows.   




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